Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Anything Can Happen Day

Oh, this was my favorite day of the week on the Mickey Mouse Club. I loved watching that kid who drove a car underwater and I couldn't wait for the unexpected to happen. As far as I remember nothing did...but I still remember the anticipation.
Well, being Wednesday, I wondered if today anything could happen and whatta you know? IT DID!
When I was in the AT&T store, I saw a women my age with shocking pink hair! Really! You know how there are some things a gal just shouldn't do after a certain age? Well, shocking pink hair is one of them!
I probably would have laughed out loud had I not been on the phone with a support person who was "helping" me replace my phone which died on my recent vacation. She was "Christina" and had an Indian accent that I could barely understand. I got about 1 in every 3 words so we were having a bit of difficulty.
Luckily, since I was in the store, Michael, the store associate, gave me a lot of help and my new phone is on its way!
I don't know what it is with me and accents. I have so much trouble understanding the different cadence or something. It is really embarrassing and wasn't a problem when I was younger but as our population becomes more diverse, there are more accents and I am having more trouble.
The worst one was when my French hairdresser asked me how many children I had and I said and I quote, "I don't know." He got a great laugh out of it of course but boy, my face was red!!
"Christina" probably thinks I have learning problems at the very least.
I always carefully choose my doctors too. If one has an accent I am in deep doodoo. I would hate for him to ask me what my problem was and say my famous, "I don't know" line! How embarrassing would that be???
So, anything can happen. Just look around may see a lady with inappropriate shocking pink hair standing near you!

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