Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kooky,Kooky, Lend Me Your Comb

I was telling my best friend about my blog concerning teen idols and she couldn't believe I didn't have a big crush on one of the many she named. She talked about the Beatles and Robert Redford and a bunch of others but one she brought up rang an old bell so to speak.
Ed"Kooky" Burns was on 77 Sunset Strip, an old television show with the coolest intro and theme song--it was way hip...and all the girls wanted Kooky to lend them his comb.
Well, I won't go into the hygienic problems of sharing a comb not to mention it was the late fifties or early sixties and Kooky probably used lots of Brylcreem or some other equally gooey product to keep his D.A. neatly in place. (Don't know what a D.A. is? Look it up!)
Anyway, talk about I had the television on the old movie channel while I was waiting to go to my Dr. appointment and lo! and behold! There was Ed Burns aka Kooky in some old movie from the fifties about a guy who dated the sister of the beauty queen he really wanted. Ed Burns was the beauty queen's duped boyfriend but if I know my old movies(and believe me I do) the sister and Kooky probably got together. Stupid beauty queen didn't even appreciate that Kooky's comb was the most coveted on all of the Sunset Strip. My appointment interrupted the movie and it was over by the time I got back.(Not that I would have watched it but I just couldn't get over how dated it was and how like Mad Men it was! Kudos to Mad Men for doing great research on the era even though I can't stand the show myself.)
I guess the bottom line is when it comes to affairs of the heart there's no accounting for personal taste(kudos, DH) and one woman's Kooky is another woman's dupe.

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