Friday, October 9, 2009

Talent Round Up Day

Well, talent is a very subjective thing. Sally Field has talent and yet, one time on a talk show, she demonstrated what she considered her talent. She could pick her nose with her tongue. No, I am not kidding. She demonstrated too. So, see what I mean? Subjective!
Everyone is born with talent-hidden or otherwise. I like to think I've been blessed with some talent. I am very creative and able to make some beautiful things like angels and wreaths and floral arrangements. I used to sew too but my eyes and my machine fail me now.
I am blessed with a pretty good sense of humor too. I admit that sometimes I am my own best audience but to tell the truth, I crack myself up! A lot of other people think I am funny too.
I'm a good writer. Maybe not so much on my daily blogs but I wrote a book and it is pretty good. A lot of people who have read it liked it.
I was blessed with the ability to teach. That was a really special talent because it got me my job and made me happy for my whole working career(oh, with some exceptions, but who can be happy every day?)
I think talent should be cultivated and I always looked for it in my students and my own kids and the people around me. I always found it too. In some of my students it was a quickness to catch on or a kind heart. My own kids had talent galore...I am so so not biased in that regard ;)
The bottom line is I believe that everyone has a talent and they and those around them just have to recognize it.
Sometimes talent makes you famous and sometimes talent has nothing to do with it. Just ask that John Gosselin kid! He's famous and I'm betting he wishes he wasn't and talent had nothing to do with it!

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