Saturday, October 3, 2009

Off Road

After traveling with my daughter from Las Vegas to Michigan, I can only say one thing. I really had a good time!
We had all kind of silly adventures. If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you've seen the pics already.
The worse thing to happen was my phone died a nasty death. The best thing was I spent quality time with Megan. We sweated and shivered. We felt great and then I got sick. We sang at the top of our lungs and once ate dinner in silence( it was 10;30 PM after driving all day--it was for the best) We saw old friends and made a couple of new ones at the beauty salon yesterday.
We explored old Albuquerque and new places in St. Joseph. We had yummy food and not so yummy food. We ransacked three different malls and shopped until we really dropped. We bought a whole working woman's wardrobe and decorated an entire apartment.
We spoke on the phone and got tweets and IMs. It was a very twenty first century trip!
Now I am exhausted and I think my daughter is too!! Good luck, honey with the new job and location. I love you very much....and I love being your travel buddy.


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