Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun With Music Monday

Last night we listened to Steve Van Zandt's radio show and it was a tribute to the Mickey Mouse Club. I loved that show when I was a kid as did so many others. My favorite was Darlene. She even had a little show of her own ala Spin and Marty but I don't remember the name of it. I know she had a dog named Shadow in it though. She was no Hayley Mills or Annette Funicello but I loved her best.(and I know Hayley was not a Musketeer)
Anyway, it got me to thinking about the song I fell in love with on my recent road trip. It was by the Killers named COMING OUT and it's tag line (for lack of the correct terminology) is "Kill me now Kill me now." It's a rather bouncy tune and I really liked it but my daughter insisted that the line was "come here now come here now."
It reminded me of the old song SKY PILOT which I thought up until a few years ago was Sky of Fire! I would have argued that til the ends of the Earth at one time and then I found out I was wrong.
I have a lot of favorite songs. Lots of them are from Sesame Street and so the Broadway musical, Avenue Q, has a special interest for me. It is Sesame Street all grown up and trying to make a go of it in NYC. I can never decide which song is my favorite, IT SUCKS TO BE ME or EVERY ONE'S A LITTLE BIT RACIST. I love how the songs take relevant and important issues and kind of put them in their place. Your life sucks?? Well, so does everyone else's in its own way. If we stick together, it's a little less sucky. Everybody laughs at some kind of ethnic joke, get over it and maybe it would be easier to get along.
There is nothing like a good Beatles tune to get you feeling all nostalgic. I can remember dancing to HEY JUDE in college with a boy I just met. I remember buying the first 45 with my sister so we could listen to I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND a million plus times. I remember buying Sgt. Pepper the summer after high school and listening to SHE'S LEAVING HOME and crying my eyes out.
On the road, it is always good to listen to music. It makes the time go faster and it even stimulates conversation. During Little Stevie's show though we didn't talk very much. We were just too exhausted to speak much!!
Well, that's all I have to say today and I'll leave you now. Why? Because I like you....M..O...U..S..E!

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