Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guest Star Day

On the Mickey Mouse Club, Tuesday was guest star day. I saw Cliff Edwards who was the voice of Jiminy Cricket for the first time and saw him play the ukulele. It's the only one I really remember.
So today, I decided to have my own guest! It's my daughter with her own memories of the MMC.

This morning, my mom (you know her as Sue), asked me to guest star on her blog. Would I mind writing a blog about the Mickey Mouse Club?? Not at all!! Oh how I love the Mickey Mouse Club. Old, New... I've always been a fan. That show was a defining part of my childhood. I'm such a Disney girl and loving the Mickey Mouse Club was no different. I'm so excited to be a part of "Guest Star Day!"
When I was really little, we didn't get the Disney Channel (it was still REALLY new then) but they would do a preview weekend every season. I looked forward to the Disney Channel preview and would watch the countless episodes of the black and white Mickey Mouse Club. I loved everything about it and wanted to be Annette so badly. I always thought it was neat that my mom and dad had watched the show when they were little, too.
A few years later, the new Mickey Mouse Club (or the MMC) started. I was OBSESSED. I thought everyone on this show was was brilliant. I watched the MMC from the very first season, on through Keri Russell and JC from NSYNC, and all the way to the times of Justin and Britney. I would have done ANYTHING to be on the show. It's too bad I can't sing worth anything!
I was crazy about this pop group they formed with some of the cast members from the first season. It was called "The Party." This one time they came to Cleveland and performed outside Tower City. It was pouring down rain, but I stood as close to the front as I could get (God bless you, Mom- and Dad- for putting up with that!!. I sang along to every song the 5 of them sang). I probably STILL know the words and I definitely know their names... :)
I think my favorite part of any of the shows was always the song at the end. I sang along every time. So, "now it's time to say goodbye."
"C-ya real soon!" :)

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