Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Sinking Craft

I have been a crafter for all of my adult life although in recent years I have kept it to a minimum because(to tell the truth) I got a little sick of it.
My specialty is angels. It used to be wreaths and floral arrangements and then dolls. They were all fun but as I said I got sick of doing them.
Well, for some reason, the bug rebit me and I am making my angels once again and I'm going to be in two craft shows. My old teaching partner is still a crafter and she offered to share a table with me. Tables can be pretty pricey and if you don't sell much(or anything which does happen) it is pretty much a waste of a day.
I am thinking positive though and believing that I will have success.
I am recalling some of the things that used to get my goat at those craft fairs though. Customers who only have a fifty dollar bill are annoying and they usually show up first thing in the morning(after a bank visit I'm sure).
Then there are the gawkers who say,"Oh these are just beautiful" and then walk away. Or the ones who tell their friends how cute your items are and such a reasonable price and then walk away.
Plus it always smells kinda like hot dogs at these things which is ok for awhile but gets old fast.
Being creative is a blessing until you try to sell your stuff!

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