Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shiny Stuff

There is something outside my window and it is all shiny and making me squint and I'm not sure what it is. Wait...wait....OHMYGOSH! I think it is sunlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There has been a definite lack of sunshine around here lately and let me tell you waking up to gray every day is no picnic. You feel kind of lethargic and unable to do much of anything. If you dust your house, you feel like you accomplished a Herculean task.
Reading a book helps to pass the time as does watching a movie but it doesn't help to alleviate the down in the dumps feeling for very long because when you look up, the sun is still not there.
When you wake up in the morning, it is gray and gloomy. When you go to bed at night, it is still gray and gloomy just the dark of night covers it up...but you know it's there.
Depression or SADD is something all of us in NE Ohio have to battle every winter. You should see us on a sunny winter day! We are out walking and skiing and skating and shopping and hiking. We are bundled up but we are wearing our sunglasses!! Oh, joy!
Last weekend it had been so dark and gloomy we decided to drive to the sun. Fortunately for us, that was only about an hour or so from home and by the time we got back from our adventure it was even a little bit sunny here.
The sunshine here is notorious for showing up around one hour before sunset. That is just as frustrating as you might imagine. It's usually too late to get outside and do anything and you might just be fixing dinner so there's no time to grab the sunglasses and get out and enjoy it.
Vitamin D deficiency is a big problem here too. I have it and I know a lot of others have it too. I have a pact with myself that on every sunny day I am going to go stand in my driveway for 15 minutes and face the sun and soak up the vitamin D...even if it's freezing...AND even if my neighbors think I'm off my rocker!

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