Friday, October 16, 2009

Double Trouble

So how many people do you think get orders from two different doctors in the same week for the same pee test? I'm guessing just one--me! I just can't believe how funny it is. I almost laughed out loud when the doc I saw today told me to get one. He was so happy I was already getting one, I thought he was going to burst!
I have incredible luck when it comes to all things medical. I have been diagnosed(and misdiagnosed) with the weirdest things you ever could imagine--none of them life threatening or eve requiring a hospital visit-- it is getting to be a family joke.
I have considered not going to the doctor at all but since I am fast approaching the BIG 6-0, I have to go besides who would give me my meds? I'm no Michael Jackson who could apparently just say drugs and someone said what kind and how many? I actually have to get prescriptions written and they have to do blood work and that's when I get all these strange things wrong with me--that usually aren't anything.
Those two doctors also kidded me about how old I was going to be in less than a month. I told them both I am choosing to celebrate and not mourn and the second Dr. told me he was going to be 59 at the end of the month and frankly I got a shock as I thought he was much older than me(at least 5 years)! Anyway they both came up with the lame joke that the 24 hour pee test is my gift from them! I don't have to do it until I get back from Vegas where the family is celebrating my sixtieth.
So I have to have a bunch of blood drawn again and take the darn test and get a bone scan and five will get you twenty that I am fine. I think they always say "within normal limits" so you're not exactly fine and the tests were all justified.
I have only one worry--how is all that pee going to fit in one jar?? Don't worry ....I won't let you know!

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