Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Five People

I just saw a poll on Facebook that wanted me to name 5 people I had hanging on my bedroom walls...you know.. like teenagers do. I couldn't take the test.
It isn't like doing those things are beneath me. I have taken the poll of favorite movies, things I can touch from where I am sitting(no cheating), famous people with my first name, favorite bands, favorite teams, favorite tv shows--well, you get the drift.
I couldn't take the bedroom wall one because I never had anyone hanging on my bedroom wall in my life other than family members.
I was a young teen when the Beatles became popular and all the girls were screaming their heads off over one or the other of them. I picked George just because you had to have a favorite Beatle. It was the law..just kidding, it was only the law in junior high. I even went to see one of their movies at the theater and the girls screamed so much you couldn't hear the movie and the projectionist(yes, we still had them back then) threatened to turn the movie off and send everyone home. So, when it started back up the girls just screamed less loudly. I never heard one word of the music or anything....and I just didn't get it.
I never dreamed of a movie star or television hunk being my boyfriend. I was too busy trying to cook up how to become famous myself. I wanted to be a model. I sure was skinny enough but I have really thin lips so forget that. I wanted to be a Broadway star. Too bad my singing voice was only so-so and I was an alto who wanted to be a soprano(not the mob kind). I wanted to be a famous author but I couldn't come up with a concept that would work for more than a short story.
So I had to settle on being the best me I could be. And you know what, it all turned out pretty good. And if I really had to hang someone's picture on my wall now? Well, all you have to do is read some of my previous blogs and you could probably figure out who it would be!

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