Friday, October 23, 2009


I heard today that students have a much easier time cheating on term papers because of the Internet. However, teachers also have a leg up as there is now cheat detecting software. Plagiarists beware! With all the cut and paste options there are out there, I'm not surprised that students are tempted to cheat. I hated writing term papers--well, that isn't exactly true--I hated typing them and typing the footnotes was the worse so I wished I didn't have to use any sources but that never happened. Kids now don['t appreciate how easy it is to write a paper. All the resources on line and all the cutting and pasting have made things a lot easier but I don't suppose one would appreciate that unless you had hunched over a manual typewriter at 3 AM!
Some commentator from ESPN cheated on his wife with some young girl...who then felt comfortable harassing his son and his wife on line and was willing to answer any questions the wife wanted to ask. What an accommodating girl! No wonder he slept with her. She had such a generous nature. And,frankly, she wasn't even that good looking. If you are going to jeopardize your entire life you should at least do it with someone who is gorgeous!
Dave Letterman has been taking it on the chin for being a cheater and I heard his wife insisted he apologize on his show. Well, good for her! And good for him that he did it. I have to say to the girls who fell for his line,see the last line in the last paragraph!
But the cheater who upset me the most this week was Tinkerbell! Yep, you heard me. She is stepping out on Peter Pan. Can you imagine that? She practically had Wendy killed by the lost boys over Peter and now she is off with some boy fairy in her new movie. Apparently they are teaming up to solve whatever the movie's problem might be. Now that is sacrilege!!!! Everybody knows that Tink was willing to die for Peter and she would never ever fall for another guy. I'm sure Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave!
Cheating is easy but it does have dire consequences. Just ask Dave.

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