Saturday, September 6, 2008

All's Quiet

No more conventions. I am not planning on paying any attention to the presidential campaign until the first debate in three weeks. I could use the break, couldn't you? I will miss a few things though.
I will miss Cindy Lou and her paper doll wardrobe the most. Did I ever tell you I thought all her clothes were so stiff it reminded me of paper dolls? I am not saying she doesn't look nice. She does. After all she is a size 0 and has blond hair. She is our ideal Barbie, I mean woman, Right??
I did see her on the news last night and guess what?? Her cast is back on. Apparently she just had it off for her personal appearances at the convention. It looked bigger than ever and it was that lovely shade of pink that is so popular in casts these days( if you are in the fourth grade!!).
I will miss all the kooky hats that the conventioneers felt obliged to wear. I saw straw boaters, elephant hats, Uncle Sam hats, USA hats, headbands with elephant ears, and a host of others. Why do people wear hats at these things anyway? Maybe they just get caught up in it and buy them there and get home and go Why did I buy this?? I used to do that on vacation sometimes. You buy something that seems so cool in Hawaii or California or Sandusky, OH. and then get it home and kick yourself and it is in your next garage sale for a quarter.
I will miss the Daily Show coverage of the conventions. For the most part, it was hilarious. I get a little tired of them at times and sometimes I think they go too far and then it isn't funny. But the comparison of Fred Thompson to Foghorn Leghorn and Joe Lieberman to Droopy Dog was brilliant. I laughed my a** off! You know how much I love Foghorn anyway and how much I detest Joe Lieberman so it was really dear to my heart.
Now there is someone I won't miss. Good Ol' Joe. We sure dodged a bullet on that one. But don't kid yourself that he's out of the picture. I told you before that if John McC wins, Joe will be skulking somewhere just off camera if he doesn't get some post on the cabinet. Be afraid, America, be very afraid.
Anyway, I will have a little breather now and I can concentrate on other important my soaps and I have the giant biography of Gandhi to read that his grandson wrote. SO maybe my path to enlightenment will pick up with the reading of that tome and maybe my brain won't turn to mush if I watch my soaps. It will be good to get back to basics!

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