Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I don't really get these John McCain supporters. I met another one, a man this time, and we discussed the candidates. He asked me what I thought of Sarah Palin and proceeded to tell me he thought she was WAY TOO RIGHT for the VP choice.
Silly me, I thought that meant we could have a serious discussion about the woman and her politics but no, when I said I was pro choice, he agreed but then defended her speaking "style."
When he brought up her lack of experience, I said I didn't care for her comparing her mayorship with Obama's community organizer experience in such a condescending tone, he defended the fact that she made a good appearance.
Lucky for me, our conversation was interrupted because I was just about to point out what if McC(and I surely hope not) died in office?? Then we have President Palin, self professed anti-abortionist, Creationist, and hunter for his replacement. No choice, it has to be her.
OHMYGOSH!!!!! She does not seem like the reasonable, rational kind of person I want as my President.
I don't know how many changes a President can really make and I am not sure how fast changes can be made but what if she overturns Roe v. Wade? What if there are no abortions under any circumstances? What if your daughter is raped?? Is she supposed to marry the rapist??????
What if your daughter or sister would die if she carries the pregnancy to term?? Is that just supposed to be okay by us?
And what if gun owning becomes even easier than it is now? Don't we have enough drive by shootings as it is? Haven't enough husbands killed their wives and young kids killed one another accidentally because they found their father or mother's gun in an unlocked drawer or cabinet?
What if we all have to turn our backs on scientific evidence and say that the world was created in seven days? Now I believe in God and creation but I think seven days for God might not be seven 24 hour periods. I think God had a miraculous sense of creation and tried many combinations and used the forces he had at hand to create this amazing universe and all other universes. I just don't have a problem justifying God's creation of the world and scientific facts.
If someone believes that seven days were seven days then that is their right. We can all get along.
I don't want a president who is rigid. I want a leader who understands that with many people come many different ideas and that (s)he respects those ideas while having his own personal code. His code doesn't have to match mine but it has to be acceptable to me.
I want a president who can make decisions for all of us without his personal code being the only factor (s)he considers. I don't want his or her religion, personal rights stand or his hobby to influence his or her decisions.
I don't think that is so much to ask. Even ol' Rodney King said it, "Why can't we just all get along?"

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