Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dr. House in the House

I never watch House. That Hught Laurie just never appealled to me and the whole curmudgeony thing got on my nerves. Last night however I caught about five minutes of it and in that time Dr. House said something that really struck me. He said "Almost dying changes nothing. Dying changes everything."
I had to agree about that. After having nearly bled to death, I have had that experience. And nothing did change. I was still the same person, although a shadow of my former self for a while. You don't lose that much blood and not have it effect you in some way.
But the world was the same and what I know is the same except for one vital thing. I know there is more to us than just this life. As I lay in the OR after rushing through the ER in record time(less than 5 minutes) before they put me to sleep my dad was with me. Really. I didn't see him as he has been gone from us since I was 24 years old but he was there as sure as I was. Steadily watching to see that no harm came to me. Reminding me to keep my feet planted firmly on this Earth as it was not my time to join him. I didn't hear his voice and I didn't feel his touch but the peace and contentment I felt came from him.
What a gift to be given. I wish I could say that experience led me to be a better person and to do good works and make humanitarian efforts but it didn't. I don't even think I am any nicer to any degree. It just made me a little surer ever since(for the most part) and a little less scared of what I think I should do in this life. The whole experience only lasted for less than a minute but it gave me a lifetime of hope. Oh,I still get angry and disappointed and critical--let's face it I'm only human!!
I won't watch House any time soon. One profound statement doesn't mean I am hooked on the show now. But I won't forget what he said any time soon either.

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