Thursday, September 4, 2008

Que Sera, Sarah

Well, I have heard enough about hats from the Republicans. They were all exchanging their Republican hats for their American hats(?) to support the victims of Gustav. Cindy McScarecrow and Laura Bush were their cheerleaders. I can't say I blame them. Did you see those Republican hats?? Elephant heads on your head is not the most serious look. Unfortunately, the American hat is a soft version of Uncle Sam's chapeau and looks pretty silly too. They keep falling over and look a little defeated. I think they need to stop thinking about hats and go bare headed.
Anyway, yesterday was Sarah Palin's speech. It was our first look at the "real" her. I only have one thing to say...........''MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!" This is a woman who is sending her 19 year old off to war(no t that I don't respect a young man who has decided to serve but he is so young), her 17 year old off to a marriage to a kid who doesn't want kids and whose husband had their 8 or 9 year old hold the new baby so he could bow....a lot. Then he left the baby with the kid!! The camera caught her smoothing her baby brother's hair down by spitting on her hand and smashing it down--the kid's a natural. She best be in training now as she'll be married before she knows it. The camera also caught her picking the baby's nose. Now that is above and beyond the call of duty.
I didn't care for the mocking tone of Ms. Palin's speech and her insinuations about her opponents. What are the issues and what are your plans?? Beside the war and wedding stuff.
And what was Cindy Mc wearing??? The clothes she had on last night looked like a tent tied with a big bow--that is a bright green tent. It looked stiff and uncomfortable--come to think of it , a lot like her
Mrs. Palin has a lovely family and they appear to be happy and "just like" the rest of us. But appearances can be deceiving.
My advice to Ms. Palin is don't try to wear too many hats--one might just slip off and reveal the truth.

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