Thursday, September 18, 2008

Movie Mania-Spoiler Alert

Okay. What is up with movies?? I think I told you I watched The Pursuit of Happyness(sic) and how I thought it was so depressing until right at the end. Then did I tell you I watched No Reservations? Well, it was the same darn way. The sister of the dead woman gets to raise her child, does a crappy job, is more interested in her job as a chef than anything else, a nice guy likes her but she rejects him, hooks up with him and then spoils it, the kid runs away and then there is a happy ending. HUH???? I liked the actors but not together. I was a little sorry I watched it.
Yesterday, I watched Waitress with Kerri Russell. I always liked her and I heard that it was a "cute" movie. Well, she had an unwanted pregnancy, a controlling jerk of a husband who was a borderline physical abuser, she had an affair with her married doctor and worked in an underpaid job at a diner. (although she did manage to save 1200 dollars) Then in the last few minutes there was a happy ending.
Now I don't mind when movies try to be more life-like. I think it is good that the love interest doesn't burst into song at the sight of his girl and the girl doesn't spend all her time worrying about her wardrobe. But don't make a hopeless movie suddenly turn out all sunshine and roses. It just doesn't compute. I can't justify sitting through those movies just to have a churned out happy ending.
I know that The Pursuit... was based on a real person's life but still. Would it have been so terrible if Kerri Russell just went on with her normal life feeling better about herself with her baby at her side. She had to have the "happy ending??" I don't want to spoil it anymore than I already have.
Didn't the kid whose mom died in No Reservations have every right to have some issues?? Did they have to disappear in a fleeting 5 minute wrap up?? Couldn't she have felt better not have the perfect life from then on??
Don't show me trailers that make the movie seem like a piece of fluff(nothing wrong with those kinds of movies) and then depress me until the last five minutes of the film. Is it just me? Am I getting too old and I don't appreciate this generation of films?? I sure hope not. I hope this isn't a trend either. Serious movies are fine. Silly movies are fine. Happy endings are fine. Just put them together in a palatable way...I have to admit the two last movies did make me hungry though. Just another unwanted side effect. I'm fat enough as it is!!

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