Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tim and I

I love Project Runway. I have loved fashion since I was a young girl and started making my own paper dolls because the ones you bought didn't have enough clothes. I used to make tiny ones and kept their clothes in a heart shaped box I got from Valentine's day. It was just a little box--about 6". I loved thinking of ideas and mixing colors and inventing prints. In junior high and highschool I took some art classes and once in a while I would draw a fashion figure and dress it. Fashion figures are fun to draw--they are long and lean and completely unrealistic. You still see one once in awhile in the Plain Dealer in the fashion section. Check one out some time and you will see what I mean.
Loving fashion as I do gives me critic rights when it comes to public figures. You know what I thought of Hillary and her pantsuits(Needs help) and how I thought Cindy Lou looked like a paper doll. I drew this conclusion from many years experience with paper dolls, I'll have you know. And now, Tim Gunn, my favorite gay fashion critic and guru, said Cindy Lou looked like she was dressed in duct tape. I love it--Cindy Lou is stylin' but it is stiff and unapproachable. She needs to loosen more than the hairdo. Actually she looks better with the stiff French twist because her hair is so thin.
Now that Tim and I are of one mind, maybe I could get a job with him on Project Runway. I could be his assistant. I can come up with some other phrases for him besides.."make it work" or "you've still got a way to go." I could just whisper ideas into his ear. If you don't speak on television I don't think they have to pay you as much. Something to do with unions.
I could wear all black(maybe it would make me look a little less fat) or even better, the contestants could dress me. Now that would be a real challenge.
Think I'll start my letter to Tim today. He needs to know I'm here for him.

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