Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Thoughts

The whole debate left me cold. Neither candidate made any new points and I thought they both seemed extremely uncomfortable. And for once, John McCain didn't tick me off. Jim Lehrer did!! What do you think he was trying to prove? Don't tell me tell him...please, what is he , in the seventh grade?? I am no closer to admiring either candidate nor any angrier than I was in the beginning. I just felt the whole thing was uncomfortable and nobody ever said how this economy would effect their presidency.
Then I got an email about a bailout I could live with. The author(don't know who it was) suggested that every American over 18 be given 400,000 dollars and pay 30% tax on it. That way people could pay for their homes and have money left over to spend. The government would get a portion of the funds, the banks would be back in business, people could invest and pay off their debts. And it would cost less than the bailout the government is proposing. Now why isn't this guy running for President?? We could probably just have an acclimation vote--no ballots necessary!!
I know they say that money is the root of all evil but I think it is the mismanagement of money that is the real sin.
In a completely different vein, a new bakery opened up by us and it only has cupcakes(oh, a few other items but not many). I know cupcakes are very popular right now but I think for $2.25 each that they should be at least a tad larger than the ones I can make at home for $2.40 for 36 of them!! We went in to look today and I was not impressed. I didn't buy anything as I am planning on making an apple pie for dinner tonight but I'm not sure I ever will...might just work on my frosting skills and try to find the perfect recipe.
I got my first 2009 calendar from a charity this week and I can't believe how this year has flown. Why do these charities and Realtors insist on sending calendars?? I always end up with more than I could ever use and throw some away. Another waste of paper!!
We went for a healthy walk this morning as soon as we got up and then went to the Farmer's market for our weekly supply of corn, tomatoes, and homemade bread. I am feeling smugly healthy and I am embracing that feeling as yesterday I put on a pair of pants and could hardly zip them up!! Time to get back to work on the CheapO diet. Maybe be the time I really need that 2009 calendar I could be a little thinner!

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