Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Day in the Life of the Convention

I'm not saying I have changed my mind but I thought that John McCain's speech was very interesting. I never heard anything much about his time in Viet Nam and it was moving to hear him tell the story. He was good natured although the crowd seemed to get a little rowdy and there was the one woman who seemed to be a little riled up but he waited for her to be escorted out and just kept on going.
I still don't like how he embraces military answers to world problems and I still wouldn't vote for him on a bet but I feel more like I used to about him before I heard his Oklahoma speech. He sure seems happy that he chose Sarah Palin for a running mate but I think that is more about the enthusiastic response for her from the floor than about her as a person.
I have been wanting to make a crack about Cindy McCain tied to Cindy Lou Who but I never came up with anything good enough to write but now it is a moot point as Cindy McCain is CindyLOU McCain. That's her real name. Oh, well, that is funny enough for me. She made a pretty good speech--she coulda been an actress and she had the whole thing memorized(or it seemed so to me). She had on another one of those stiff outfits but I've decided she is wearing them to protect her little skinny body so nothing else gets broken. One arm per campaign has to be anyone's limit.
Speaking of clothes, I think she picked out Sarah's suit too. It was stiff and pewter gray and a little shiny. Business like but a little dressed up to....a little royal too but then that's just me. John McCain was wearing a wonderful suit that was tailored impeccably and made him look.... well, rich.(I'm just saying).
No Bushes or Cheneys in the house so McCain was able to freely say a few things. Like how the party needed to get back to their real values and focus on what is important. I hope he really really means that just in case he wins the election.
I met a McCain lover at the dentist yesterday and we kinda got into it over Sarah Palin and Cindy Lou(yes, I'm always going to call her that now). I told this schmuck that I didn't agree with Palin's philosophy of raising kids i.e. letting her 17 year old marry an 18 year old and letting her 19year old be sent off to war... my opponent totally agreed with me but she still liked her. OH no, McCain's campaign is right....some women will vote for him now just because Sarah is a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could barely hide my disgust for this woman so it is a good thing it was time for the dentist to stick his hand in my mouth!!

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