Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well, did you think that Charlie Gibson was this close to slapping Sarah Palin?? He could hardly contain his disgust. He didn't ask very many probing questions and she had the answers in the in canned responses. I loved it when he said he was lost in a blizzard of words. She did talk ALOT but she didn't say much if you ask me. She is a quick study though..I thought I could see her pageant training rear its head and I loved how she kept saying his name like that would help her !!!
I saw Tyler Perry on The View and he said "lipstick." I guess he didn't know the rule about not saying words that Sarah Palin said. I didn't hear any backlash about it so I guess he got away with it.
Speaking of The View, when are those babes going to stop yelling at each other and let each other finish their...pardon the expression, view????????? I used to enjoy watching the debate between the women and learned somethings sometimes. Now it is like watching Smack Down wrestling. Elizabeth believes anything a Republican says( come on, girl, get your own ideas), Whoopi looks uncomfortable, Joy is constantly frustrated because she can never finish a thought, Sherri looks desperately uncomfortable and Barbara is imperious. I want to watch less and less.
Remember the lady who said I was cute? Well, she and I talked about Cindy Lou for a short time. The woman told me she had to get her hair done once a week as she was on the campaign trail and had to look nice. So I kidded her that she had to keep up with Mrs. McCain(wink, wink) and she laughed and said doesn't she look like Barbie??? I said yep, OLD Barbie(since being a big Barbie fan I know she never ages). We had a good laugh over her outfit at the convention(the one that reportedly cost 300,000 dollars). I think that price might have been a little inflated...Perhaps one or two extra zeroes added on 'cause wouldn't that be dumb to wear something that expensive and over the top and still look like you were wearing duct tape??
There's a new version of The Joy Of Sex out and it has been updated for the "noughties." Don't confuse this term with the word naughty. It has nothing to do with that. That is the term that Yahoo! news used to describe the 00's. I wondered who would come up with some word to call this decade but that one never entered my mind. I've heard Willard Scott refer to the year as ought 8 but never the aforementioned "naughties." It just cracked me up.
Also heard that the number one single of all times is Chubby Checker's The Twist. I remember it was banned in the student lounge of my junior high school because it could lead to hip and back injuries. They failed to mention that it would happen IN OUR FIFTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, it was a kinder, gentler time then.
Don't you just love sales?? I got a Kohl's flyer in the mail and got an extra 30% off coupon and I used it well. They hardly ever give you 30%--usually it is only 15 so I was over the moon. My daughter is the one who will get the lion's share of the bargains but that's okay. My sister and I had a lot of fun except for the soakers we got in the parking lot!!!
Well, enough rambling for now. I wouldn't want you to get lost in a blizzard of words!!

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