Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I had a busy day at work today. The Chamber of Commerce had a luncheon meeting and I registered guests. It was fun to put some names with faces and I got a few questions answered about a project I am working on.
I had spoken to some of them on the phone so it was fun to introduce myself to them and I even got to apologize in person to someone I accidentally hung up on.
Most everyone was in a jolly mood as they were off work for awhile and getting to do some networking.
The meeting was in the new building of the Bryant & Stratton College and it was their first day of school. I was set up right outside the bank of elevators(well, there were two) and young people just kept flowing out of those things non-stop. Of course, they all assumed I worked for the college and wanted to know where certain room numbers were(which I eventually figured out after about an hour), where certain classes were(Math and some Presentation class which I never figured out) and where the bathroom was(That was easy--they were in a hallway right by the elevators).
Everyone was really friendly and asked me why I was there and what was our meeting about and isn't it funny they had it on the first day of school? Everybody was a little nervous and a little lost so I guess it felt good to have a little conversation.
Anyway, one of our members told me I was cute today. I don't really know how I felt about that. After all, I am 58(almost 59) years old and although I was a cute baby and a cute college chick, I thought I had outgrown cute at least ten or more years ago. And it wasn't a man, so it wasn't a line. This woman really meant it. She said it twice. She loved my hair--Who did it?- I had to admit the color is by God and the cut is at Great Clips. She didn't believe me at first about the hair color. Like anyone would choose gray...I mean, silver. She loved my earrings and my cute outfit too.
At that point I really wished I knew I was going to be attending this meeting because I would have worn something different. I looked nice(remember she said I looked cute) but I was wearing capris and a white gauze top. I had a jacket too but it was too warm inside. I had pretty dangly earrings that looked a little southwest. I wouldn't have chosen them either if I had known I was going.
SO, next time I have to go to one of these things it will be slacks and a blazer and small earrings. I want to look professional, not cute. Oh, and by the way, this lady's husband is running for office--maybe that's why she thought I was so cute--a potential voter?? I know for a fact that potential voters are REALLY cute!

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