Monday, September 29, 2008

Miles to Go

Is the presidential campaign over yet?? It isn't?? Have these guys been campaigning for 2 or 3 years or is it just me?? Even Brian Williams is counting down the days. I think he was on 38 on Friday. He's kinda the "advent" calendar--make that the event calendar for NBC. I'm not sure if he is sad or glad that the days are diminishing...he's so professional!
Both candidates are getting on my nerves because they never say anything new. They never tell me what they'll do for me and my loved ones and neighbors. All they do is cat fight about old age and inexperience. I don't know about you but I get it already!
Didn't you think John McCain was going to call Obama a whippersnapper ???? It is so obvious the disdain he has for that young man. He was so angry I bet he ground his teeth down to nothing during the debate.
Governor Palin has faded a bit into the background as all good VPs seem to do. Although there is that marathon interview with Katie Couric going on and some farmer sculpted her face into his corn field(but you have to be airborne to notice that).... oh, and Tina Fey can't stop doing the impression of her. Can't wait to see Joe Biden take a bite out of her at their debate!! Personally I think she'll go for the same tactic as her running mate and just smile and grind her teeth. I'm hoping he doesn't call her a whippersnapper either. I don't know much about him but he seems to have a more folksy approach than recent Democrats so maybe he's ok. The VP doesn't do that much(or so it seems) but I hope he is a good guy and has ideas that mesh with my needs.
He seems to have had a rough personal life but he has been in politics a long time and has a sterling reputation as a statesman. He may have even been to Russia.

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