Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hail to the Chief

Ohmygosh I forgot how much I love Obama. He is just an inspired thinker and speaker. He makes me proud to be in America. He makes me want to do good things. He is a leader beyond compare. How could I have forgotten already??
He's for education...he's for health care-...he's for alternative energy.....that is why I voted for him. Not because he has a beautiful, intelligent, photogenic wife or two cute children. Not because he is willing to spend 2 hours(!) watching a seven year old play basketball with a final score of 8-6(!!) but because he has ideas that may just save us.
He has to get the Republicans on his side but I think they protest too much. They say they don't want the stimulus package but I bet none of them have turned down help for their constituents.
Ohmygosh I can hardly contain myself....he's been talking about education for more than 20 seconds. He is refusing to accept drop out rates. Ohmygosh, who is this man?? Are you sure he is a politician?? He want students to go to college and finish. He thinks early education is important. I can hardly believe my ears. He believes in parent responsibility. OHMYGOSH!!
He wants parents to read to their kids, help with homework and go to parent teacher conferences. SO DO I!!!!!!
He is going to end the war in Iraq--even John McCain stood up for that because Obama said he would do so responsibly. Wow, somebody said responsible and they're in government. He also sent out our support to the troops.. which no one could disagree with!
I've been listening to those anti-Obama Republicans too much. They appear tonight to be the minority. Most of the Congress on both sides are applauding our President and his ideas.
AND WE DON'T TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me feel so happy as I saw a movie with torture in it and OMG, it was so awful. You just wouldn't believe..I wouldn't want to feel any responsibility for that happening to another human--no matter how bad he or she seemed to be.
He is a worthy man.

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