Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh, To Be Thirteen

No, not thirteen years old. Nobody in their right mind would want to be that age. I,personally, was skinny with pimples, kind of greasy hair, and a "pixie" haircut. Never again!! Think about when you were thirteen years don't you feel silly for thinking that was my theme today?
I am talking shoe size. My husband needs some new "tennis" shoes. I know there are hundreds of kinds out there walking, running, soccer, cross-trainers, to name just a few but let's just call them tennis shoes for now, all right? The mere number of tennis shoes is mind boggling enough but when you are a size 14 narrow, things change rapidly.
We were in a shoe store today. They had at least 250 different styles of shoes to choose from. They had 4 size 14's. Really! One of them was silver with a red swoosh. Well, my husband is rather conservative when it comes to footwear so they were O-U-T! The other three pairs were no good either.
Now if you wore a size thirteen there were about 100 choices. See what I mean?? Just one little shoe size makes all the difference and I know the culprit. It is the toe next to my husband's big toe. It probably has a name but I don't know it. It is about 1/2 to3/4 of an inch longer than the big toe. I guess it could be named Fourteen!
I have offered on occasion to lop off the ends of those Fourteens but so far he hasn't given me the green light. Oh, was just a suggestion.
Anyway, earlier in the day we did find a store that had three pairs of Size fourteens and he did buy a pair. They are really jazzy. They have a lot of silver(as in metallic) on them. They were a perfect fit so we did buy them but he wants to keep looking. I know he will wear them to the Y when we work out but I don't think he really wants to wear them around--you know like to the mall or out to dinner.
You wouldn't believe how gaudy these new -fangled tennis shoes look in a size fourteen. They're pretty bad. Think Circus clown on acid. Now, in a size thirteen.....not so much.
I know that my husband would really like to find a pair of all white plain tennis shoes. Not Keds but maybe Reeboks. Oh, if he was only a 13.......................where is my kitchen knife?

Just kidding!

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