Friday, February 13, 2009

My Fish, Dorothy

Have you seen the new ad with the little girl who is e-mailing her fish's picture to her family? She is the cutest thing on Earth....and she is only 4 and a half years old. She isn't fake either like the baby that buys on the stock market. She is real. She knows what she is doing. Her fish is named Dorothy and she could fix up the photo and make it look better and send it through her email all in a thirty second ad.
Well, people, that just goes to show how much the world is changing. A 4 year old is more sophisticated than I am when it comes to technology. YIKES!! All of we "older" people(that is older than 4 or 5) need to get on the ball here. We have to keep moving with the times no matter how fast the pace is. It can't be that hard...after all, the kid is only 4 and a half years old!!
I can remember back in the 80's, I was terrified of using the computer. What if I did something to break it. Even my husband's assurances that I couldn't really break it didn't help too much. I guess it wasn't until after I somehow got a ticking grenade(you know the kind like they used to have in the looked like a cannonball with a fuse) and somehow the computer teacher was able to fix it and no harm done, I finally felt comfortable.
I had no trouble learning about EBay, that's for sure..oh, and Paypal too. I have a lot of fun sending emails and am always filled with wonder at how easy it is to stay in touch with friends that way.
Learning to print a photo was a lot more challenging but I kept at it and after many goof-ups, I can do it. I can even attach them and send them to my sister! I get a little nervous every time and I only hope it works...I am never positive that I am doing it right.
At work, I taught myself how to use Constant Contact, which is a mass mailing site. I can print a letter and make an envelope to match. I can find the templates I need and I know how to print name tags. I wonder if that little girl can do that??????????
Lots of people in my age group are afraid of the computer. I'm telling you to go for it. I don't know how I got along without mine.

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