Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Economic Plan

I have been working on an economic plan for the nation. So far, I only have a couple of things.
Did you hear about the banking executives holding their meeting in Las Vegas at the Venetian? Well, I have a better plan. There is a town here in Ohio that was the base for the company DHL which was a competitor of FedEx. Well, they are closing and the town of Wilmington is devastated. You see, most of the town works there. Yes, most of them. With the plant closing, most of the citizens of Wilmington will be unemployed.
So, I think that the banking executives should hold their next conference in Wilmington. They should stay with the unemployed families and pay them what they would pay The Venetian. I looked it up--it is about $440 a night for the Primo View. So, obviously, the citizens of Wilmington would have to give the exec the room that faces the DHL Center. They could eat their meals at the local restaurants and all in all they could boost the economy of that town at least a little.
I'm sure the wives of Wilmington would be happy to make $440 a night for a few nights. Bet those bankers would get their meeting over a lot faster too.

Another idea I had was that the interest on all education loans be forgiven. Not the loans..I'm not nuts. But if the interest was eliminated then the former students might have a little more cash to spend--like on goods, cars or who knows, maybe even homes. Think about it. It is really a good idea. I hope the President is reading my blog!
Oh, and all those executives who gave themselves giant bonuses and have done so for many years. They should be forced into an Adopt a Family program. They could supplement the income of the unemployed so they could continue to live the lifestyle that they are accustomed to--not the execs, the family. It wouldn't take much of their money. They could just use the interest on all the money they have socked away. Hmmmm, I'm smelling a trend here.

I don't know much about money and I don't know much about the economy but I do know something about human kindness. Why don't we start there?

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Megan said...

I seriously think this the best idea. I'm pretty sure Pres. Obama reads this, so I think he'll make some changes. :)