Monday, February 16, 2009

Say Cheese

I have always had a wacky sense of humor. Just sometimes things strike me as funny that nobody else seems to appreciate as much as I do. My family has always teased me about it. Even though I am about the most tenderhearted person around, there is a John Wayne movie where he is training a bunch of young boys to be cowboys that always cracks me up. Bruce Dern is the villain and he is very villainy! I don't really remember much of the plot--I'm not even sure I saw the whole movie--but at the end the kids and Mr. Wayne tie Bruce Dern to a horse and he gets dragged all around for his punishment. It is the funniest thing I ever saw in my life. Just thinking about it makes me laugh so hard I get tears in my eyes. The last time I saw it I laughed for twenty minutes afterward. Something about it being so serious and to see that fake Bruce Dern bouncing all over the ground just tickles my funny bone. I know, I know, it is sadistic but there it is.
Last night, I watched The Amazing Race and they had a segment in Switzerland. The contestants had to carry big rounds of cheese down a hill before they could get the next clue.
They had to work together and bring down 200 lbs. of cheese!!!!! Each one weighed 50 lbs. They gave them these Cheese carriers that were made out of wood that you carried on your back. OHMYGOSH!!! First of all, the hill was muddy and slippery. Second, those carriers all started to break. Some tried to carry two at a time. That was a big mistake. Those cheeses fell off and rolled all over--even into the neighboring yards. People were falling and slipping and they ended up scooting down on their behinds carrying the cheeses in their laps. It was hilarious. I cannot even describe it. The whole thing was so funny I couldn't catch my breath I was laughing so hard.
And I was not the only one. The Swiss men who were watching were laughing their butts off too! That made me laugh even harder.
Anyway, I never thought cheese was all that I don't know if I can ever look a cheese in the eye again!

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