Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heart of My Heart

Yesterday was Valentine's day and boy, oh, boy did we celebrate!!!
First we went to the Y and worked out.
Then we went to the grocery store.
Then we finished painting the kitchen wall.
Then we ate a nice dinner.
Then we watched a movie...well, we tried to watch a movie, but we both fell asleep...probably the result of that nice bottle of wine we had with our nice dinner.
Then we woke up and went to bed.
Not the most romantic day we ever had but that's ok.
We really needed to finish that paint job and we had to go to the grocery so we could eat.
We have to work out if we want to be healthy.
Movies can be recorded so there was no loss there.
We need our beauty sleep!
SO, with all that, it was a pretty nice day.
I did get a wonderful gift though. It was a new chair!! It is red leather(very Valentiney) and is in my back room. I got my husband a wonderful gift too. It is a red leather chair(yes, the same one)!
So far, the only one who sat on it is me. It is pretty comfy but a little slippery if you are wearing satiny pj's which I was at the time. Otherwise, it will be just fine. So come on over and have a seat. You'll absolutely LOVE it!!

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