Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!!

Today is a very special day in my life. It is the day my first child was born twenty nine years ago. How could the time have gone so fast?? How did my baby become a man so quickly?? I guess every mother asks herself that.
My son is a terrific man. He is funny and kind. He is smart and tender-hearted. He has great friends and a great job. You should meet him.
When he was born it was a day quite like today. It was really cold and it was snowing but not too hard. We had to drive to the hospital at the crack of dawn as they were going to induce labor. But nothing could induce my son to be born so at around 3:30 pm. he was delivered by C-section.
I had some problems with the anesthesia so I was a bit out of it and I didn't get to spend time with my son until the next day. Well, I made up for time lost, I'll tell you! I never put him down all day. The nurse said not to fall asleep with him in the bed but I ignored her and kept him with me. I guess they worried I would squash him but as you see, he survived! I looked at his fingers and toes and couldn't stop staring at his beautiful face.
He was such a good baby and a good kid. He never gave us a moment's trouble. He was the first step to us becoming a family. He was a true blessing.
He still is. He gets my humor and shares a lot of common interests with his dad. He and his sister(after many years of arguing and fighting and driving me nuts) are good friends. He doubts himself too often. He doesn't seem to know how wonderful a person he is and how good looking he is! He should.
Every time he walks through the door, I feel a warm glow in the pit of my tummy. That's my boy.
Happy birthday, son!

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Megan said...

Eh... he's alright, I suppose.

:) Kidding, obviously. Despite those years of fighting, I've always looked up to him. I love him, sci-fi shows and all.

He's one heck of a big brother.

Love, the 2nd child. :)