Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taking Off

I am outta just a few hours I will board a plane with my husband and my son and we are off to sunny Florida. Our daughter is meeting us at the Orlando airport and we are staying with my sister and her family. As a bonus, our cousin from Chicago and her family(minus one) are coming in tomorrow night. So it is a mini family reunion.

Our daughter has always loved Florida--even before she ever went there. When she was four years old she told me she was moving to "Flahda" and wearing Lee press-on nails when she grew up. The implication was "try and stop me."

My son loves the condo my sister has. It is on beautiful property and there is a lake called Lake Bryan nearby...named after him, of course.

We love going to escape the awful weather and capture some sun and warmth--the weather kind and the family kind!

I am almost ready...just have to apply my Lee Press On Nails!!!

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