Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Well, today is a nice sunny day and not even that cold. It is a good day to get stuff done. We went to breakfast and then to the grocery store to get our Super Bowl food. We picked out lots of good stuff and braved the crowd which kept growing the longer we stayed and I left without every single thing I wanted but hey! there's always tomorrow.
We both wanted pigs in a blanket--you know-- hot dogs wrapped up in a crescent roll. That is our go to football and baseball snack. Sometimes we just get a taste for them and make them even if there isn't a sports event. I try to make them as healthful as possible but they are still not on the South Beach Diet.
We also got nuts--peanuts for my husband who is deathly allergic to any other kind of nut. Plus a peanut isn't even a real nut--it is a legume, pardon it very much!!!!!!! And a pizza from the freezer so we won't have to go out during the game or, even worse, the commercials.
We are official Arizona Cardinal fans even though we know nothing about the team because in Cleveland--WE HATE THE STEELERS!! It is a big rivalry. Not that there was any chance of the Browns going to the Super Bowl but we don't care we still hate them! After I am done typing this I am going to look up the team and at least find out who the coach and the quarterback are! It's the least I can do.
I also got cookies. Our grocery store had cookies in the colors of the teams and believe me they would make you an Arizona fan for sure. Have you ever seen black and yellow cookies?? Not a pretty sight. They even had a swirl cookie that was black and yellow dough!!! UGLY!!! Well, I did say we hate the Steelers, didn't I?
So by around 6pm we will hunker down and watch the pregame show and the game and the BOSS and the commercials and probably The Office special afterwards. I will be tired tomorrow from all the yelling and my team will probably lose(my team always seems to lose) but it will all be worth it...............I get to eat cookies!!!

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