Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Super Super Bowl

What a great game!! Of course, my team didn't win as I predicted but they put up a great fight. The two teams played like champions. I didn't like it when they get so angry and violent toward one another. They are all millionaires, so what's to get mad about?? I guess that emotions run high and guys get carried away but I still don't like it.
Anyway, I enjoyed the excitement and only scared the cat out of the room twice with my yelling. The first time was when Fitzgerald made that run to the end zone in the fourth quarter and the other time was when the Cardinals kept sacking that giant Roethliseberger. That kid is a giant especially for a quarterback if you ask me.
That Mike Tomlin is quite a hottie. He is young and attractive and the head of a winning team. He seems to really appreciate his team members and seemed to get along well with the 1,000 year old Mr. Rooney. Maybe it was all an act for the cameras but I think I like him. Loved Mr. Rooney also for a different reason. When the interviewer asked him a question, Rooney went on and on--didn't ever answer the question...he must have memorized what he wanted to say and he said it!!
Didn't Broadway Joe Namath look tiny next to all those football players in their uniforms?? I had to chuckle. It's like the Arnold Schwarzenegger syndrome. Stop the steroids and turn tiny.
I love John Madden's commentary too. He talks about how strong they are and how big the players' hands are and how they can surge even though they are so big. It is very colorful.
As for the commercials, they were ok. Some I loved--I am a sucker for the Clydesdale horse ads. I think they are the most beautiful animals on earth. I loved the Bud Light Lime ad where the kid was dragging the sunny patch through a most dismal, snowy day. LeBron James made his debut as a Brown and changed football(at least for the short span of the commercial). That one was really clever. I also was awed by the truck ad where they drove up the tower of fire and the truck made it!!(do not try this at home)
I thought that the ad for some online job site was dumb. It went on and on about how you know when you are tired of your job. It went on too long.
All in all, it was a great time. The game was good, the ads were good, and the food was good. What more could you ask for from a Super Bowl?

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