Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rambling Thoughts

Boy Oh Boy! If I was that Amy Adams girl(you know, she was the princess in Enchanted) I would be royally teed off right now. Have you seen that girl named Isla Fisher???? She looks exactly like Amy Adams. I swear. She even sounds like her. I bet when Amy goes to auditions now--there she is...Isla, I mean. How frustrating. As if it isn't hard enough to make it in Hollywood as it is! I can just see it at the Oscars on Sunday. They will announce Amy coming down the red carpet(she is up for an award) and is really Isla Fisher. YIKES!!
I never met anyone who looked just like me--let alone have to compete for the same job or position or even a sandwich. It must be mortifying.

Don't you just think that George W. is sitting on his behind in Texas having a laugh riot????? I mean, come on, he had to know what a mess Obama was getting into. I know he wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree but really, I'm sure he knew. I just picture him there sipping on his mint tea(first it was a mint julep but then I remembered he doesn't drink anymore) and every once in a while he just starts laughing--probably until iced tea snorts out through his nose.

And remember that poor girl, Kendall, on my soap, who just woke up from a COMA a few days ago??? And they told her that her husband fathered a child for her lesbian sister?? And her brother was dead and oh, yes one of her employees. Well, she just ran her best friend(who was dressed in a wedding gown, veil and motorcycle jacket) off the road and now she's DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus the best friend's groom told her that her husband slept with her sister's new wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't this girl so lucky that she woke up?? She would probably like to hit herself over the head with a brick so she could go back to comaville!

Ohmygosh, could taxtime please be over, those one eyed people are driving me nuts!

And could we please have the sun back???????? I just saw a person dressed as the statue of liberty in front of an H&R Block on my way home. It is pouring down rain and it is just this side of freezing. Please, God, I never need money that badly. The person was really covered up, even his/her face. It looked like she had a black sock pulled over her head and not even eye holes.... Or nose holes that I could see! This is some kind of new torture that we have in our area where young people and those down on their luck(I presume) stand on the street with a big sign announcing $5.00 pizzas, plumbing services, and store closings. No matter if it is 90 degrees or -9 degrees the poor saps are out there probably making minimum wage.

Next week I am going to Florida and I can't wait for the warm weather as well as the company. It is kind of a family reunion with cousins and second cousins. It is my generation(all three of us--me, my sister and my cousin) and our kids. I wish it would hurry and get here. Cleveland is getting me down.

Why is it that every blog entry where I don't have a theme always turns out to be the longest?? I'm sure I don't know...but I did have some things on my mind, which, I have to confess, doesn't happen every day!

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