Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars--The Show Must Go On

I would hate to be a presenter at an event and have my ex-husband sitting in the first row staring at me....No matter how good I looked. Especially if he was with the most beautiful woman in the world....well, that Jennifer Aniston is a real trooper because that is just what she did and she lived to tell the tale.
Was it just me but did she keep glancing over at them(him) and when the camera came back to her she quickly tore her eyes away and semi-acknowledged Jack Black and the show. She was there with her date, John Mayer, but that didn't keep her from staring at Brad. Do you think he knew it...John, I mean? I'm positive Brad knew it--he probably expected it as his due. He is a big movie star you know.
I hope it made Jennifer happy to know she wasn't the only one. Whoopi Goldberg's former squeeze was there in the front row too. I think I saw her acknowledge him. It is Frank Langella but he was only there with his daughter. Plus he lost. Well, so did Brad but he got to go home with Angelina.
So today on Oprah, Gail interviewed Jennifer and John. OMG, she says to Jen, I am so happy for you--and turning away from the camera just a little, says---you know what I mean, as she jerked her head in John's direction. Like Jen has a hard time finding a date?? Like she isn't just as cute as a button and she's 40 years old?? And who, exactly, was Gail there with?? The camera crew from the Oprah show, that's who! That woman has some nerve.
I'm so glad I'm not a Hollywood star. Meeting up with ex-husbands and ex-lovers is not my cup of tea. I'll just content myself with watching those who are.

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