Monday, January 12, 2009

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

I saw most of the Golden Globes and all of the Red Carpet preview last night. First of all, could they get any lamer hosts for the red carpet?? Nancy O'Dell is an automaton, Tikki didn't know what to ask and that Brook Burke is as dumb as a post!!(although she had a stunning dress and I hear she can dance) And what was with everyone interviewing Aaron Eckhart??? Who cares about him?? Nancy O'Dell had an opportunity to interview Steven Spielberg but she chose to stand in front of him and talk to the others near him.

I always get a large charge out of the dresses. I love watching these gals get all dressed up. The men not so much. They all look pretty much alike with the exception of Peter Gabriel and MICKEY ROURKE!!!! What is up with that guy? Has he never heard of a comb?? I thought I really hated him until he started talking about his dogs and got all misty. Awww, that was sweet. Who knew?

Anyway, I thought Sandra Bullock was the most beautiful of all last night. I loved her dress, her hair and she was kind of cute up there. I loved Eva Mendes' dress but hated how she blew off Colin Farrell's costar in typical pretty girl/not so good looking guy style. What a bi-otch!
Salma Hayek looked lovely but she was a little gushy--not unlike Kate Winslet who is very talented but quite the drama queen if you ask me.
Some girl I never heard of Isla Fisher looked really nice too. There were a lot of young actors and actresses there that I had no idea who they were. I recognize the Jonas brothers and that's about it. I got my first glimpse of the Gossip Girl...whatever.

Now, I thought that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher looked beautiful. Yep, both of them but her in particular. She must have the best genes on the planet. Lawrence Fishburne and his wife, Gina Torres( I had no idea they were married. I loved her in Serenity.) also looked like royalty.
Now, some couples did not fare so well. Did you check out Sting and his wife, Trudi?? Ohmygosh, I didn't even recognize him with brown hair and a beard!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the Sting I know and love. Also, Angelina Jolie looked like the Corpse Bride to me--very white and way too thin. Brad of course looked good but I'm not crazy about his mustache. I heard they snubbed Ryan Seacrest--whatta shock!!
Some of these Hollywood hotties need to get better dressing advice. Did you check out Renee Zelweiger?? That was gawdawful ugly!! I hate to break it to her you could still see her nude bra. Marissa Tomei did the skirt and blouse thing which I never think translates very well to evening wear although she could have sat with costar Mickey Rourke to look better. Then there were the women of The Office...ohmygosh, they were really bad. Jenna Fisher was wearing a gown made from drapery material and in the pics I saw looked less than happy. The little blonde who is named Angela Kinsey looked a little better in purple but not much. Then the older redhead named Kate Fleming had on a "little black dress" but it didn't look so little and she looked like she would rather have been wearing jeans and a tee shirt.
And last but least my favorite ugly dress was worn by JLo. Ohmygosh, isn't she a mommy now?? Someday her kids are going to see that picture and be SO EMBARRASSED!!!!!!! She needs to cover up quick!!
Who helps these people get ready?? Who tells them that these ugly clothes look beautiful?? Why do the stars believe them?? They need to seek advice from someone who will tell them the truth. I'd be the first to volunteer. Just email me your pic and I will give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down. No charge.

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Megan said...

This was really entertaining, mom. Really, the only part I disagreed on was JLo... I thought she looked pretty. But, I suppose we don't have to agree on EVERYTHING. ;)