Friday, January 16, 2009

A Starr by Any Other Name

I haven't talked about my soaps for a long time so today I just have to! I know I talked a lot about John McBain before( see John McBain/John McCain) but that man has been a non-stop talker since he hooked up with his new squeeze, Blair. Their relationship is very, shall we say, complicated and I won't explain here. But fair warning to Blair, John's girlfriends always end up sad, dumped ...or dead. Anyway, they started out as just friends and now they are more than that. Blair is a grown up too --she has kids, with Todd Manning, the resident bad guy who recently had John's last girlfriend who was suffering from amnesia holed up in his house while everyone else thought she was dead. Even her son, Cole. He just happens to be the boyfriend of Todd and Blair's daughter, Starr.
Starr is really the only one in all of Llanview who has one iota of sense. She did make a "tiny" mistake and became pregnant but she handled that in a mature way, making arrangements for the child to be adopted and she even made a little video for the child's 16th birthday to explain her decision.
Anyway, everyone thinks that the baby died but she didn't she was just switched at birth with a dead baby by her cousin with DID...that's multiple personality disorder if you don't know. The kid has handled that situation with grace and dignity. She projects the proper amount of sadness and determination to get on with her life.
Starr was really on her game today. She has a new teacher who just happens to be the son of her obstetrician who killed herself because she thought she had been neglectgful in Starr's baby's case. (It is a soap, after all)
Starr has told this young man that she doesn't blame his mom and that she was a good person and she knows how he feels and he shouldn't blame himself and as she is giving the poor guy a little sympathy hug, enter Cole who is now taking pills to cope with the return of his mom and the death of his baby.
Cole goes off on the teacher and blames his mother for his child's death,etc,etc while also accusing him of coming on to Starr, who is appalled and tells Cole that he should have some sympathy for the poor guy for aforementioned reasons.
She said that everyone makes mistakes and nobody's grief is more important or significant than any one elses.
When they return to the hallway Starr figures out Cole has taken something and she lets him have it and at the end of the day, of course, she is caught with the pills in her hand and she will probably take the fall.
This kid is 16 years old!!! I'm telling you she should grow up to rule the world. When she is an adult, she will be able to run every big business on the show and that includes two newspapers, a magazine, and some kind of giant conglomerate called B.E. I admire this kid so much. She is my new hero.
The actress has been on the show since she was a little girl(probably 5 or so) and she has grown to be a wonderful, natural actress. I don't know if she ever reads blogs, but I hope she reads this one. Keep up the good work, kid and don't let the writers screw up your character. You really are a shining Starr!!

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