Monday, January 19, 2009

A Presidential Presentation

Yesterday I watched the Inaugural Spectacular on HBO. On my new big screen TV....but I dont want to get off topic. The spectacular was......well, spectacular! I sat and sobbed and got choked up through the whole thing. I did miss the first half an hour but that is probably a good thing as I would have been a dishrag by the end of the whole two hours!!
The first one that got me was Josh Groban and Heather Headley singing "My Country Tis of Thee." That got me started getting choked up. They were great together and she was just looking so joyful!! It might have been because she was so happy that she could wear a winter coat with A BELT and still looked gorgeous. I am not talking about any belt, like a trench coat, indeedy this was a big leather belt that cinched the waist and if any mere mortal tried it, they would look like two sausages tied together! Oh, he looked nice too, except for that hair of his. I just don't care for that.
The next person to impress me was Will. I. Am. He rapped about being all one big family of Americans and that was real nice. His name fascinated me though. Do you think his real name is William?? Do you think he thought of those periods all by himself? Or do you think his name is just Will?? and he added the I AM kinda like Sam I Am from Green Eggs and Ham? I would love to find out. I remember when LL Cool J said he got his name from something he wrote as a young kid. "Ladies Love Cool James." I always thought that was so cute! Anyway, Will.I.Am, you should not wear hats, my dear boy. Your hair must be too big. I never saw you before yesterday but take my word for it.
I am not a country music fan. I like some of it and I know some of the big names but still not a fan. I especially disliked Garth Brooks as I thought he was kinda scary with that second persona stuff....I never even really heard him sing until this event....HE WAS FABULOUS!!! Maybe marriage to that cute Trisha Yearwood straightened him out. He sang some old classics like "Shout" and was backed up by an enthusiastic young choir. I even wanted to raise my hands up in the air...oh wait, I did.
Bruce Springsteen and some other man I didn't know dragged poor old Pete Seeger out onto the stage to lead "This Land is Your Land." I learned that back in elementary school. I doubt that anybody under the age of 40 ever heard the song before but Pete was going to supply the words..except his mike didn't work. Add to that that he is about a million years old and it was pretty pitiful. Being a true professional, Pete continued on. Note to Will.I.Am.....Pete Seeger knows how to wear a hat..even if it is a weird one!
I admire Bono. He does wonderful humanitarian work. I love most of his music. I just can't stand him! Maybe it is the affectation he has of always wearing some weird kind of glasses. Maybe it is his giant ego. Maybe it is his dyed red hair. I don't know but I just didn't enjoy his performance in any way.
For the grand finale, Beyonce Knowles sang "America, the Beautiful." She is beautiful and did a spectacular job. She was backed up by the whole cast and it was very moving. Why is it those patriotic songs always get to me? Even the military procession of flags got me all choked up.
Well, it was real nice that they had such a program for Obama but in fairness don't you think George Bush deserves one too? I have it all planned.
First, NSync could sing "BYE BYE BYE", (sorry, Justin will not be there, he has a previous commitment), then Rosie's Broadway kids will sing "So Long, Farewell" from The Sound of Music, followed by a Beatles' Tribute band singing "You Say Goodbye and I say Hello." Following them will be the entire cast singing "Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam...You know it Nananana,nananana, Hey hey goodbye!" I could go on but you know what I mean so... "Goodbye To You"!!

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Megan said...

This was incredibly entertaining, Mom. We should get on the "Goodbye" show for W. ;)