Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day After the Big Day

Well, it was quite a day yesterday. President Obama haltingly got through his oath of office and the rest was a breeze!! I loved Itzak Perleman and YoYo Ma. They played my favorite song, Simple Gifts.
The Obamas looked very presidential and the little girls looked very sweet. That little Sasha is a corker--she has bounce to the ounce. Melea seems more regal but after all she is ten years old!
I like that the Obamas know when to let the kids leave. No little girl should have to sit through hours of a parade with no balloons and no singing or dancing.
The Bidens looked very nice too. I don't know why but I just love something about him. She is continuing to teach--I wonder what that will be like?? Will the Secret Service sit outside the door or in the room? Will all the kids' families have to be screened or something?
And what about the poor Secret Service man who has to go to school with Sasha. She's only seven so she's like in the first or second grade...oh, well, maybe he'll learn something.
I loved seeing Dick Cheney leaving!! Didn't he look more like THE PENGUIN than ever?? Something about the way he held that cane over his lap in the wheelchair. I bet it really made him mad that he was stuck in that thing.
The Bush family made a nice exit and I even heard that George told Obama not to call on him as he was"stepping down from the stage." I never liked the man's politics but he seemed like a good dad and a nice man. Not sad to see him go either.
How about his old man in that hat????? What a riot!
And poor Teddy Kennedy. What a place to have a seizure. I'm sure he would hate that it happened in least, it wasn't on television for all the world to see or I'm sure we would have seen it a million times already.
Aretha Franklin sure can wear a hat , can't she??? Oh, she can sing too.
I saw a little bit of one of the balls and I thought that Michelle had on a beautiful gown. They always looked so relaxed as a couple! It's nice.
I'm sure I will hear more today but so far it's been a real nice clambake!!

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