Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sick and Tired

First on the agenda, I am so sick of those green presidents in the Turbotax ads!! They are the most sickly looking bunch and I get a tummy ache just looking at them. I mean really! They couldn't come up with something more clever than living money??? Er, living dead presidents money?? Anyway, I can't take it much longer. Thank goodness that the tax season is shorter than the election season!!! I would not be able to handle it! I think Ben Franklin is the worst. I don't know if it's the double chin or what but he's the one I hate the most. And don't worry I know Ben wasn't a president.
It even took me a while to get why they were green. I thought they were statues come to life at first. OH,Brother, Susan!!
The other ad I am so tired of is the Arby's ad for their "Patty melts." I hate to break it to them but those sandwiches are not patty melts. A patty melt HAS A PATTY IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What part of that concept is a challenge for the folks at Arby's? They could call those sandwiches melts if they want--that would be fine. But unless it has a hamburger in it....Not a patty melt.
If the folks at Arby's are this dense, I'm not too sure I want to eat at their restaurant. If they define a patty melt with no patty what is the stuff they call Roast Beef?????? Or a Milkshake??
Good grief, the thoughts are boggling my mind and turning my stomach. Kind of creepy, isn't it?
You know how the ads can drive me crazy and these are only the two most recent of many. I never had one that involved food before. I hope I don't have too many more.
On a completely different topic, I don't have a broken toe. I had a discussion with an expert..not a doctor, someone who broke their toe about ten times and found out it is probably only sprained. It doesn't even hurt and it isn't really just hanging there anymore. Someone thought I should let everyone know so there you go!!

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