Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gotta Love the Soaps!!

OHMYGOSH!!!! Poor Kendall is finally out of her coma and awake. In the first five minutes of her miraculous recovery, she is remarkably unchanged. She even had her mascara on! And in those first five minutes, she not only found out that she had a heart transplant but that it came from her dead brother, her best friend is getting married, and her husband fathered her lesbian sister's baby..oh, yeah, she met her sister's girlfriend too.
Now if I ever wake up from a coma, I don't want my family laying all that information on me at one time. Slow and sure would be much much better! I am pretty sure I won't have on any mascara either!
On General Hospital, there is a tragedy taking place involving airborne poison. I won't give the details but suffice to say the show is cleaning house and this is how they chose to do it. Yesterday, it was revealed that the poison got into the board room(filled with a bunch of characters of course) so while the mob boss' daughter covers the vent, her father who is in a wheelchair(which he doesn't need--you'd be surprised how often that happens on soaps!) covers his nose with his jacket. Good luck with that, old man!!
In the meantime, Luke and Laura's daughter, Lulu, hears the news and sees a guy collapse in front of her so she pulls her coat over her nose too!!!!! I nearly fell off the couch laughing. Good luck with that, honey!! Who knew a mob boss and a young girl would have the same instincts for survival(HAHAHA)??
The folks of Llanview are pretty tame compared to this, they only have a trial going on where the sixteen year old Starr is expected to testify against her own evil father, Jessica/Tessica is home from the insane asylum and is unable to bond with her sister she tried to kill and Dorian Lord is faking out becoming "enlightened." Maybe she should try faking the wheelchair thing--it seems to work for the mob boss!

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