Friday, January 9, 2009

You Never Know

You never know who might be listening. Apparently, the powers that be listened to my blog and the commercial that I hated the most has now been modified. The women with the migraines who were carrying around their heads now rip a picture of their head off and hold that. Much less disconcerting!!
So, listen up powers that be, I have a few more suggestions for you.
1. Lose those giraffe head commercials. A big giraffe head and neck with a real human body is so distracting I don't even know what the commercials are for!
2. Don't make the Geiko Gekko wear a suit. He is right and he is only a CG figure...there is no word for it.
3. Get that giant teddy bear head off that woman or pick a woman who looks better with it off rather than on. Her hairdo is so ugly!!
4.Quit telling me to sell all my old silver and jewelry. If I have to, I have to, but I don't need you pushing at me to do something I may regret...especially if the silver or jewelry had any sentimental value.
5. Make that woman who "feels" the Kleenex go and buy her own box instead of stealing the dry cleaner's stash. I mean, really...what is she teaching her kids??
6. Speaking of kids would someone please tell that Joanna kid in the peanut butter ad that it is a sandwich not a samwich?????
7. And lastly, for goodness sakes, take those outdoor bathtubs out of the E.D. ads. Sitting in a cold bathtub on a chilly evening is not going to lead to romance, trust me. Did you never watch Jerry Seinfeld?? George in the pool?????? Ring a bell??????? Same idea. Let them sit on two chairs by a fireplace..that could lead to romance!!
8. Locally, would you car and floor salesmen quit using your children to sell your stuff? They are not talented and you are just leading them on by letting them perform in your ads. One exception--the Mentor Mitsubishi kids. You can keep them but rerun them--soon, they will be too old to be cute and they will join those other kids that can't act.
Oh, I feel so much better now. I can face the ads today with a fresh perspective and an eagle eye for other flaws they need to obliterate.

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Meg said...

Let's hope someone listens... and if they do, let me know... I have my own list to share! :)