Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Darn It!!!!

I missed the SAG Awards because I was watching the most ridiculous made for tv movie--THE LAST TEMPLAR. Really, it was the most stupid thing and we watched it for two nights. Here is an example of its stupidity. Mira Sorvino(whatever possessed her) and Jennifer Garner's ex(Scott Foley) are in the middle of the Turkish desert. It was the middle of nowhere with nothing in sight but a volcano and a bunch of hills. No houses, nothing. So they make love under the stars and the Priest who is on their trail is on one of those hills with binoculars WATCHING THEM MAKE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His little helper was there too. He looked too. REALLY??? In the middle of the night in the middle of the desert?? And they watched??????
I always like to watch things about the Templars. I think they are interesting and all their stories I have read are very exciting fiction. This was just a romantic novel type story with the Templars thrown in. It had sassy dialogue from a feisty heroine(Mira, how could you?) and a man who fell for her in about twelve seconds(Really, Scott!) Hence, I missed the SAG Awards.
But have no fear, I checked out the photos of the gowns and I am ready to throw my two cents in.
By far I thought Kira Sedgewick looked the best. I am a sucker for black and white together. She looked lovely. I just like her anyway--she reminds me of a friend of mine. Too bad she had to have her picture taken with her husband, Kevin Bacon. HE looked downright scary!
Angelina And Kate Winslet chose dark blue. Angelina looked like a drapery panel and I thought Kate looked squeezed in. Not my favorites, but they both got best dressed.
One couple that really looked like royalty was Diane Lane and her husband, the Brolin boy. She looked exquisite in red and he looked pretty good too. I still think his father is better looking but I am a sucker for a man with silver hair.
Taye Diggs and his wife, Idina Menzel looked really nice too. Not quite royal but well dressed. She needs to smile more--it transforms her.
Tarija Hanson(Benjamin Button's mom) looked spectacular. She is batting a thousand with her dresses so far.
Two girls I don't really recognize looked great too. Viola Davis was in yellow and Julie Benz was in short black taffeta. I thought they both looked really nice.
Christina Applegate got a best dressed nod but I think they just feel sorry for her recent illness. I thought she looked too drapey.
Speaking of drapey, America(the girl, not the country) needs major help. She had on a Greek goddess like dress in grey with black nylon net stuff on it. One of the things was a fluff ball right at the top of the bodice and believe me about a half hour after the pictures were taken she was probably discreetly itching her poor chest. I know that from experience as my Halloween costume in third grade had black nylon net fluff balls on it. It was a princess dress, not a goddess dress, America!! Black Nylon net is for Princesses!!!
Speaking of grey, Jenna Fischer from THE OFFICE looked terrible again. Has the girl never heard of color????????????????? She is too pale of a girl to wear grey.
But my favorite of them all was Marissa Tomei. She looked ridiculous and wasn't wearing any makeup that I could see. She even made Mickey Rourke look good!
Don't worry I won't miss the Oscars. That will be something and luckily America and Jenna will stay at home!

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Megan said...

You know Julie Benz, Mom- It's Darla from Buffy/Angel... I'm sure I'll retell you this on the phone. :)