Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Got Nothin' Today

I was really busy yesterday. We are cleaning up my husband's office and it is a giant job as he is a packrat(sorry, honey, it's true) and I'm a tosser(sorry, honey, that's true too). We have been trying for years to get it done and I always got disgusted and threw up my hands and walked away. Well, not this time. We are buying organizing bins and we are really going at it. I'll bet the neighbors think we're moving by the amounts of trash we've had recently!! It makes me feel good to know we can work on a big project like this and have a difference of opinion of how it should go and we haven't killed each other in the process!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor Obama has been having trouble in his office already too. Not that he is a packrat(if he is he hasn't had time for it to show up) but he wants certain things done his way and the Republican party members are in disagreement. He has to do some cajoling and convincing and frankly, doesn't even know if his ideas will work. The only thing any of us knows is that the old ways weren't working!! Killing his adversaries is out of the question for him too!!!!!!!
We were watching the Today show yesterday and they had on animals that need to be adopted and cared for before they are "put down" which is just an acronym for killed!! They even could be adopted for free. I've really been wanting a dog lately. In spite of the fact that he or she would want to be walked every day and they are kind of stinky(especially in the breath department) and they can't be left alone for a couple days like a kitty, I still want one. Maybe I will get a dog when I am too old to go anywhere! Probably I just don't like the idea of an animal getting killed for no reason!
Enough about killing!!!! Really, Sue, what is up with you this morning?? Think happy thoughts! Think about clean offices and cute puppies and a New Beginning. Yes, YOU CAN!!

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