Saturday, January 10, 2009

Like I Said, You Never Know

You never know who is going to pop up in your life. I tell my kids that all the time. One of my famous sayings is you never know what's around the corner. When I was a young woman I thought my life was going to be a sad, sad song. One year after crying to my friends about my aloneness, I was married and had a baby on the way.
You never know what opportunities are going to come along either. Just before I retired I appeared on a local television show to talk about teaching. My sister taped it and took it to school with her to show her colleagues. The principal hired me for a job the very next year.
You never know what good fortune may come your way. In these difficult financial times, I am so grateful that both my kids and my husband have good stable jobs. They easily could have been laid off if they had chosen a different career path.
You never know when you are going to need each other. If times continue to worsen, my kids know they can come home and we will circle the wagons and survive whatever difficulties lie ahead.
You never know who is listening. It might be the MAN UPSTAIRS or it might be your best friend or it might be your young nephew. You just never know!

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