Sunday, January 18, 2009


WE GOT A BIG TV!!! It is really only(only????) 37" but in our family room there is only about 5 and a half feet between the couch and the television. SO it is BIG!!!!! It is LCD DTV1020 something or other blah blah blah. We got a Bluray DVD player to go with it.
The picture is so clear that you can see the cracks in people's lips. Poor Charles Osgood needs Blistex or Chapstick or something. The picture is sharp and the people seem real--I guess in a sense they are, but you know what I mean. If it was me, I would never want to see myself that big or that clearly. I hardly look in the mirror any more! It must be tough being a television or movie personality.
I am kind of excited to see my soaps in all their glory. I wonder if any of them need Chapstick?? Some of them are getting a little long in the tooth. Remember when the movie stars used to be shot using a "soft" lens?? They would look all dewy and perfect. Maybe that will come back into style. I sure would be begging for it if I were on television.
We'll get to see the inauguration on the big screen now. Oh boy, I hope the President elect doesn't have any pimples or anything. It is bound to show up! He probably had a facial anyway in anticipation of the big screen.
Just think of those poor teenagers who appear on television. There will be a huge run on that acne product Jessica Simpson always advertises. Thinking of that ad, hope I don't see that any time soon. It will be grosser than ever!
One bonus is I never have to wear my glasses to watch television again. Everyone is hard to miss!! Now I won't run around as often looking for them either. Hmmm I'm beginning to like that tv!!

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