Monday, January 26, 2009


Our human body is an amazing thing! I have a swollen eye and the regular Dr. couldn't figure out what it was so I went to an opthomologist this afternoon. He came in , listened, and in about thirty seconds was able to tell me what the problem was.
Here is the amazing part--did you know that in your lower eyelid you have 40-60 glands??????? I had no clue and I even remember labelling that eye chart and all its parts in school. I guess it was just a side view but still!!! They are of course microscopic and when one gets a little germ in it-YIKES!!!! It gets real big( in relative terms) swells your eyelid up and generally is a pain!
It got me thinking about all the stuff my body is doing right now without any reminders or thoughts from me. My fingers are typing, my blood is flowing, my heart is pumping, my cells are degenerating and regenerating. WOWEE!!!!!
I guess that should be enough for me to take good care of this machine I call my body. I know I talk about diets and being a little bit fat, but I think I owe this old thing a favor and it's going to be better exercising and eating and sometimes I might even spoil it a little with a massage!!
Our bodies are amazing things and I am done taking it for granted!!

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