Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gloom and Doom

The one thing about living in Northeast Ohio that really stinks is the gray sky. I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have to drive in it.
If you looked out my window right now, you would see a picture postcard of winter except for one thing--the sky is metal grey. A gentle snowfall is coming down and the trees are capped with snowy white hats and so are my outdoor path lights. They look like little soldiers standing in a row. That alone should make me smile but instead I just feel droopy.
Once in a while the sun teases us and comes out for a short while but then it disappears for days at a time. To say it is depressing is an understatement.
I never knew how important Vitamin D was to our health and recently read that unless you live in Yuma, AZ, the sunniest town in the USA, you are probably Vitamin D deprived. Nice to know, huh?
Vitamin D deprivation has some symptoms:

1. low energy--I have it
2. fatigue- Yep
3. signs of depression- of course
4. mood swings--oh, yeah
5. sleep irregularities- no wonder I am always yawning!
and ....
6. Rickets!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure I don't have that!
So, 5 out of 6 of the symptoms. I am running out as soon as it stops snowing to buy a Vitamin D supplement. What, it's supposed to snow for the next three days?? Well, I better drink my milk and take COD LIVER OIL( just kidding).
They used to give kids Cod liver oil to prevent rickets. It is the highest source of Vitamin D beside the sun. Not on your life!! Even if I had rickets, I would be hard pressed to do Cod liver oil.
I tried fish oil capsules once on the Dr.'s recommendation and I smelled like a salmon! So no way am I ever doing anything like that again.
When it is sunny I will run outside and stay there for the 15 minutes in the morning and the 15 minutes in the afternoon that is suggested to stay healthy. In the mean time I will just be a crabby, sleepy, tired and depressed Northeast Ohioan. I'll have plenty of company.

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