Monday, June 7, 2010

Alter Ego

Remember when Garth Brooks had an alter ego?? I thought he was nuts with a capital N. Apparently, Tom Cruise is nuts too. Well, I guess we already kinda knew that(Oprah's show, remember?).

The interesting thing is that Cruise's alter ego is bald and gray and wears suspenders. His name is Les Grossman. He is aptly named. He is gross. Why would Tom want to run around dressed like that and boogy down at the MTV awards? Beats me. He must be nuts.

If I had an alter ego she sure wouldn't be fat or have a big mole or wear curlers all the time. In fact, I am considering naming her Suzette LaGoose. She will be gorgeous with long blonde hair that shines in the sun and an amazing tan and a gorgeous body fit for a catsuit. What?? I have to turn into her? Oops--guess she'll just have to be my avatar...if I can ever figure out how to make one!

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Nancy said...

Les Grossman is Tom's character from the movie Tropic Thunder.