Friday, June 4, 2010

Neurotic as a Pretzel

I heard that expression today in an old movie with Rosalind Russel. The woman told the guy he was no more neurotic than a pretzel!!!!!!!! I thought that was so funny.

But now I'm finding myself being neurotic. I am obsessing over a pimple. That's right, a pimple.

I am sixty years old and I have a pimple on my chin. What the heck??? I haven't had a pimple since I don't know when--probably over 30 years ago! That is my son's entire lifetime. So why now?

Could it be that I'm a little stressed out?? Could be. Could it be that I have been obsessing over my dry skin and trying to get it to be a little softer and maybe the product I picked isn't the right one? Could be since my skin still feels dry and NOW I HAVE A PIMPLE!!

Could it be that I want to squeeze it out right here and now and all I can hear is my mother's voice telling me not to touch my face?? You bet I want to get rid of that sucker pronto but I'm afraid it will get all red and bleedy and that will look even worse. I could put make up over it but then I will have a patchy look to my face and I don't want that either.

SO I guess I will have to live with it. Hope it doesn't have any friends waiting to pop up.

Now does that make me as neurotic as a pretzel? I don't know... you'd have to ask Roz Russell.


Anonymous said...

Try some windex. I think that was in a couple movies. My brain isn't as good as yours for names and old titles. But it was the gal who wrote a book and had to appear in the movie if it was made. Oh yah jog my memory. My Big, Fat Greek Wedding. She woke up with a red spot and they had her apply windex. Love that actress.

Anonymous said...

Bean writes as usual and forgot her name