Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your Face Might Freeze That Way

Our mother used to tell me that all the time. I am an admitted drama queen and I started at a young age. I had a pout to beat the band and I pulled it out for many occasions. There is even a picture of sis,mom and me where mom is mimicking the face I pulled.

Believe me, I wanted to show my suffering. I always had a knack for feeling sorry for myself.

You know the usual kid stuff about being ugly and awkward and nobody loved me. I wasn't ugly, maybe awkward...who am I kidding, awkward as hell and lots of people loved me. But you know, the drama queen thing.

Anyway, I happened to stop my soap the other day to take a break and the look on the actress' face was hilarious and ugly. Now all the soap people are beautiful and I'm sure they would be horrified to see themselves frozen in time like that. We've done it to Brian Williams too. He was really funny.

I'm sure they would never want their faces to freeze like that!

So for all you youngsters or oldsters for that matter are feeling not so lovely or handsome, take it from me and freeze frame your favorite show. Nine times out of ten that beautiful actress or handsome anchor will look ridiculous and well...ugly. They are luckily only frozen in time for a moment but it is a moment of joy for an old drama queen like me.

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